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it's time to be your own boss

Active incubation, investing, and portfolio management in tech-enabled businesses and underrepresented founders to positively impact society.

WHY ibos ventures?

Empathy comes first. We’ve been the underdogs and been denied opportunities to build our dream. Let us use our experience to help you build your vision.

We have built, scaled, saved, merged, acquired, and exited companies as founders. We've gotten our fair share of battle scars and scares, but scored some amazing wins too. So, at iBOS, we bring that experience to help you.

We help to create operational efficiencies, ensuring founders have the tools to be able to grow and scale rapidly.

We aim to empower aspiring founders to break the chains of corporate enslavement and lead the way to becoming their own boss. And we believe this can be done while having an outsized impact on society and generating healthier, risk-adjusted returns.

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Metta World Peace Named Chief Impact Director at OOTify, a New Model for Mental Healthcare

 “OOTify takes a holistic, innovative approach so you can get therapy, coaching, meditation or other support, depending on what’s right for you,” Metta said. “It’s really customized and that model of care has worked for me."

see why our investment team joined iBOS

"A kitchen table investment in Ravi Sharma’s dedication to impacting mental health delivery turned into me pursuing my passion for impacting small business financial health. iBOS is our vehicle for driving founder passions into action”

Anand Hira, Venture Partner

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