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We are an Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) fund focused on these three central factors in measuring the sustainability and societal impact of the businesses we invest in. 

We actively work alongside our portfolio companies, helping them with early-stage startup woes, whatever incubation needs they have, or investing at a later stage and helping them scale and grow.


We aim to be a whole new bread of incubators - an active venture studio model.
iBOS primarily allocates capital to opportunities with the following characteristics:

  • Breakout technologies or sales models on the cusp of secular shifts.

  • Disruption through a drastic reduction in human capital inefficiencies.

  • Social impact ventures that have the potential to improve quality of life.

  • Highly personalized (custom) products or services.


iBOS is a platform for founders and companies committed to solving big problems. We explore out-of-the-box solutions and monetize them into innovative business opportunities. This creates unprecedented value for investors, our collective customers, and the world at large. We are a team of diverse founders, operators, and investors manifesting the next generation of human progress.



Founders are taking a risk - it's tough. We understand and empathize with that journey.



We're the creators and the builders. We believe in an innovative worldview for a better tomorrow.


We're not perfect. We take feedback very seriously, we look to grow every day and make changes for the better.

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We want to enable you to build your start-up dream. That means sticking by you every step of the way.


We believe that companies that chase excellence over the long term will be the winners.

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iBOS Founder, Inder Sharma has founded and built more than 18 companies including, which he sold to Expedia in 2002,,, Zycara and Zygor Energy, and more.


A serial entrepreneur, Inder Sharma began his journey in a small village in Palwal, India, where at age 7, he envisioned a solution to his grandmother’s dilapidated home where the rain fell in sheets along the interior walls. Inder found this situation to be unacceptable, and with a promise to build a new home, struck a match and burned his grandmother’s house down. The act was an unpleasant surprise to his parents and grandmother and was not exactly a well-executed business plan; however, at age 7, Inder Sharma understood the value of building something from the ground up.

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