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Ravi Sharma .png

Ravi Sharma

Mental Health Activist | Founder | Investor

Anand Hira.png

Anand Hira

Founder | Investor | BD

Ehsan Rahim.png

Ehsan Rahimy

Surgeon | Entrepreneur | Innovator

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Raghu Iyer.png

Raghu Iyer

Advisor | Fintech Investor | M&A Expert

Sean Lee.png

Sean Lee

Amazon Scout | Venture Investor | Mentor


Patrick Dolan

Software Engineer | Startup Veteran | Investor

Smita Bagla.jpg

Smita Bagla

Managing Director | Product Growth Advisor | Leadership Coach

Temi Lane .png

Temi LanE

Brand Builder | Integrated Marketing Leader | Consumer Obsessed 

Peter Phillipp Wingsoe.png

Peter Philipp Wingsoe

Santhosh Shivashankar.png

Santhosh Shivashankar

Information Professional | Navy Officer | Service-Oriented

Sanup Pathak.png

Sanup Pathak

Anesthesiologist | Physician | Investor

Rembrandt Flores.png

Rembrandt Flores

Investor | Public Relations Guru | Brand Whisperer

Madhu Jannapureddy.png

Madhu Jannapureddy

Amy Sharma.png

Amy Sharma

Innovator | Business Affairs Professional |  Seasoned Investor

Nicole Jain.png

Nicole Jain

Author | Education Reform Advocate | Forever Public Servant

Physician Executive |

Epic Implementation Consultant | Physician

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Sravi Chennupati.png

Sravi Chennupati

Cancer Doc | Girl Dad | Angel Investor

Berke Brown.jpg

Berke Brown

Behavior Change Expert | DEI | Executive Coach

2W6A6831-removebg-preview (1)_edited.jpg

Pilaar Terry

PR | Marketing

Paul Orlando.png

Paul Orlando

Startup Founder | Author | Innovator

Pankaj Rawal.png

Pankaj Raval

Attorney | Legal Advisor


Arynton Hardy

Wealth Advisor | CEO | Accredited Investment Fiduciary

Ronith George.png

Rohith George

Technology Transactions Partner | Client Advisor | Attorney

Ricky Roy.png

Ricky Roy

iOS Developer | Director | Father

Entrepreneur | Business Advisor |

Brand Consultant

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